We see a person in every customer

It's Aktia's aim to be the best at helping our customers improve and safeguard their finances. We offer private and corporate customers comprehensive banking, asset management, insurance and real estate agency services. We want to offer the best possible customer service and build up our solutions so that they fit in with the customer's life situation. Aktia operates mainly in coastal areas, in the Helsinki region, and in inland growth areas.

Important information for customers

Aktia's products and services are intended for residents and domestic businesses active within Aktia's area of operation in Finland which is mainly in coastal areas, in the Helsinki region, and in inland growth areas.

Our investment services are not available in countries that demand special concessions for investment services, e.g. to persons resident in the United States or companies and associations that operate and have their registered offices in the United States.

Note that legally binding materials such as contracts, product literature are only available in Swedish and Finnish.

Aktia history in short

Aktia's roots date back to 1825, when Finland's first, now existing deposit bank saw the light of day. Business operations started the following year. Aktia Savings Bank was created almost 20 years ago when Helsinki Savings Bank merged with a number of savings banks based in the coastal areas. Aktia was converted into a limited company in 1993. The Group was restructured in 2008 in order to better comply with the extended range of products and services. In the Autumn of 2008, the name of the bank was changed to Aktia Bank plc and the name of the Group's parent company to Aktia plc.

Aktia has about 350,000 customers who are served about 60 branch offices and via comprehensive Internet and telephone services.  With its partners, savings banks and local co-operative banks, Aktia operates an extensive network of about 430 branch offices for certain finance services. Following an agreement with Automatia Oy, our customers are served by a network of about 1,700 ATM:s throughout the country.

Aktia is owned by Finnish Aktia and savings bank foundations, institutions and private individuals.

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