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Open Banking

Open Banking

We would like to highlight that Aktia is providing access to payment accounts through our contingency mechanism. If you want to integrate to our contingency mechanism which provides access to corporate and private payment accounts, then please contact [email protected]

Aktia’s PSD2 Contingency API

Aktia’s PSD2 Contingency API is set of REST APIs that will require the use of eIDAS certificates to access PSD2 data.

Getting access


There are two prerequisites for getting access to use Aktia’s PSD2 contingency mechanism:

  1. You need to be a registered Third Party Provider with at least one of the following roles: Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP), Account Information Service Provider (AISP), and Payment Instrument Issuer Service Providers (PIISP, aka. CBPII).
  2. You need a PSD2 eIDAS certificate (QWAC), which you can get from a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP). This certificate is used to identify you as a registered TPP.


Providing and validating eIDAS certificate

To get access to Aktia’s contingency mechanism, you should provide Aktia your QWAC certificate via email to [email protected]. Certificate validation includes three steps:

  1. TPP Authorization Status Check: status should be “Authorized”
  2. TPP Payment Services Check: your role should be at least one of the following: PIS/AIS/CBPII
  3. TPP Passporting Check: you should be authorized to provide PSD2 services in Finland

When we have validated your authorized status and made necessary configurations, we will contact you via email and provide further instructions on how to use Aktia’s PSD2 contingency mechanism. You can expect us to contact you again in three banking days.

PSD2 contingency mechanism (yaml) 
Example how to use PSD2 contingency mechanism (pdf)